Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What I’m Watching: Episodes (Season Finale)

Episodes: Season 2, Episode 9 (B+)

There were too many secrets floating around to make this anything but a jam-packed, big finale, and it didn’t disappoint. After Beverly accidentally forced herself to reveal Matt and Jamie’s affair to Carol, things went downhill for all parties. Her desire to be with Merc made her spill the beans, and it’s a real shame too considering Merc’s post-meltdown reaction in the car to her excitement at the notion of finally getting to live with Merc. His concern with not giving his wife half his money was his ultimate undoing, and good for Carol for finally kicking him to the curb, or, more accurately, leaving him out in the cold (rain). Hopefully she’ll still be able to get Merc’s job; otherwise, she may have put her own job in jeopardy. Maybe things will actually work out for Matt and Jamie, however, since Matt seemed genuinely intent on making their relationship last, convincing himself in the midst of his own pep talk to Sean and facing loss of visitation rights with her children after Labia answered his phone. The only truly positive development, of course, is that Sean realized that he is still in love with Beverly after rising to her defense when Merc smacked her. Sean’s eagerness to be the one to pop Matt’s shoulder back into place so that Rob wouldn’t get the glory was endearing, and now things can get as back to normal as possible for the always flabbergasted British couple. This has a spectacularly biting year, and though it’s near impossible to find any mention of whether the show has been renewed, I really hope that it will be, since season two was even more fun than season one.

Season grade: A-
Season MVP: Kathleen Rose Perkins as Carol

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