Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What I’m Watching: True Blood

True Blood: Season 5, Episode 11 “Sunset” (B+)

As we hurtle towards the season finale, everything’s coming together and no one is happy. We’re finally getting some answers, via Pam, to why Bill is behaving so deplorably and why all of the members of the Authority are going nuts. Seeing Bill, Kibwe, and Salome experience visions of Lilith telling them that they are her choice to be the leader was about as hypnotic as a human being glamoured, and the infighting has already begun as a jealous Bill ended Kibwe’s life without blinking. It’s a good thing that Godric’s influence has turned Nora, the first true believer, back to the good side, and maybe she and Eric can do some good together. Bill forcing Jessica to go out and turn Jason was cruel, and she’s likely to pay dearly for her crimes. Rosalyn’s visit to Fangtasia ended badly for both Pam and Jessica, and something tells me that Tara is going to come after her maker. I enjoyed seeing Pam and Sam run into each other within the Authority walls, and I’m curious to see how Bill reacts to Sam’s presence. With all the chaos going on around them, the Bellefleur brothers have it easy, with the biggest problems – a fairy pregnancy and Holly’s troublesome son – paling in comparison to the non-human issues currently being experienced by the majority of the population. Alcide and his father defending their neighborhood from vampires suggests that they may be instrumental in saving the humans, but I’m not sure how connected they’ll end up being to the rest of the storyline. The eccentric elder fairy seemed like she had Sookie’s back in terms of waging war against the vampires, but things don’t look good for the newly exposed fairy night club and one very hungry, very old vampire ready to feast on their kind.

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