Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What I’m Watching: True Blood (Season Finale)

True Blood: Season 5, Episode 12 “Save Yourself” (B+)

It’s just like this show to end a season in the middle of a scene. Even Sookie couldn’t get Bill to snap out of his pack mentality, and his apparent death was short-lived as he’s now become an angry, all-powerful, male version of Lilith. I wonder if he’ll ever get back to normal, and I suspect that his current state will be resolved in the sixth season premiere next year. The other Authority members were all swiftly and memorably disposed of, with Salome getting poisoned then staked by Bill, Russell getting destroyed by Eric after killing the fairy elder, and Rosalyn being exploded from the inside by a shifting Sam, one-upping his execution of Maryann several seasons back. Jason took down a handful of vampires, and it seems that getting blasted by the fairy elder has given him permanent hallucinations of his bloodthirsty parents, which are sure to have negative effects going forward. Tara and Pam’s romantic relationship is amusing given their previous hatred for each other, but it’s good to see both of them getting some appropriate companionship for once. Luna announcing the Authority’s actions on air after posing as Reverend Newlin may have major implications for human-vampire relations, but new evil Bill will have to be disposed of first if the humans are to stand any chance. Alcide regaining his packmaster status by using his father’s extra-strong V doesn’t mean much for his greater role in the show, and I wonder whether he’ll be involved at all in the future. Holly midwifing the many births and orgasms of Andy’s pregnant fairy girlfriend was an odd and entertaining scene that could only take place on this show. It’s hard to believe this season is already over, since it’s been one truly intense thrill ride, with a couple of bumps in the middle, but overall a pretty terrific and memorable year.

Season grade: B+
Season MVP: Authority guest stars Tina Majorino (Molly) and Christopher Heyerdahl (Dieter Braun)

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