Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What I’m Watching: Burn Notice

Burn Notice: Season 6, Episode 9 “Official Business” (B+)

These guys just never get a break. In the midst of Michael operation to identify the man who killed both Anson and his brother, Fiona had to get called in not to do a favor but instead to do her required service for the CIA as part of the release deal she got. Michael’s initial pitch of South Carolina not being Paris but having guns should have worked, and instead she got stuck with two idiotic agents and right in the middle of a surprising double-cross. Michael’s narration was, as always, entertaining, particularly his casual explanation of “If you need to get out of a zip tie.” Fiona did an impressive job of rescuing herself from that situation and convincing Vincent to trust her and keep her alive so that he wouldn’t have to answer for her crimes. Getting the CIA to rip up her agreement with her was also smart, since Monaro and Bailey are as incompetent as they come and Fiona and crew hardly need the distraction. With Michael out helping Fiona, Sam and Jesse made a good duo as they managed to convince an unfortunate sap that he should come work with Michael’s invented billionaire. Identifying his initials wasn’t too helpful, but Vale came right out and gave away his full name before being shot twice by a sniper, presumably Tyler Grey himself. With only one episode left in this show’s summer set, we can only hope that Michael doesn’t get himself into a whole new world of hurt by the end of the hour.

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