Monday, August 20, 2012

What I’m Watching: Covert Affairs

Covert Affairs: Season 3, Episode 5 “This Is Not America” (B+)

It’s always nice to see a recurring character so well established on a show that he keeps getting invited back for more. This marks Oded Fehr’s fourth appearance as Eyal Levin, and it’s clear that he and Annie have become very close. Annie was rather obvious about her affection for him, enthusiastically asking about his involvement as soon as she found out she was going to Israel. Telling her about his son and then letting her in on in his side assignment was an important step, as was giving her the file on Simon Fisher after she opened up in a similar manner. I liked the Matisyahu music playing when Eyal picked her up at the airport, and enjoyed seeing the two of them work together well, particularly when chases proved necessary. Arthur seemed extremely disappointed with Auggie when he came to bail him out of jail, and it’s the perfect way for Auggie to earn himself a demotion and get sent back to the DPD. I’m not sure what will come of his therapy, but it will be good for him to talk to someone since Annie hasn’t exactly been there for him lately. Daniella Alonso, who starred in ABC’s extremely short-lived “My Generation,” doesn’t give off a terribly intellectual air, but it’s likely that she’ll be able to help get him back to a good place. I’m not completely interested in Joan and Arthur’s marriage problems, which have taken a backseat for a while, so I hope that only productive things come from Arthur’s potential new job.

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