Monday, August 13, 2012

What I’m Watching: Common Law (Season Finale)

Common Law: Season 1, Episode 12 “Gun!” (B+)

Like many a season ender, the overarching problem that has been plaguing a show for the entire year comes full circle and presents itself once again, only to be revealed to be completely different in nature than originally apparent. Finding out that Wes pulled his gun on Travis in order to save him from ruining his career changes their dynamic dramatically, though it’s clear that they’re never going to see eye-to-eye on many things about the law. The introduction of Pac-Man was sad because he was always a doomed character, and it made things considerably more serious since they had a real villain to take down who was taunting them. Dominic Purcell, best known for his unenthusiastic performance as less productive brother Lincoln on “Prison Break,” was a good choice to play the stoic, steely Crowell since the role didn’t exactly ask for much. Seeing the two partners split up for the first few episodes of season two could have been fun, but it’s better that they had a productive bust and got their careers back on track. Clearly, therapy with Ed Begley Jr.’s Dr. Van Waals was not helping, but voluntarily going back to group with Dr. Ryan after being absolved of their requirement means that the duo really does want to work together better, and maybe they’ll have a slightly better attitude going forward. That said, this show hasn’t yet been renewed for a second season, and given that it performs far more poorly than the rest of USA’s slate, it’s not necessarily going to be picked up. This show is perfect summer fun, and so I’d very much love to see it return again next summer.

Season grade: B+
Season MVP: Michael Ealy as Travis

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