Thursday, August 23, 2012

What I’m Watching: Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad: Season 5, Episode 6 “Buyout” (B+)

It doesn’t take much for Walt to get a gun pointed at his head by someone fuming with rage these days. Burning his wrist to free himself of his restraints demonstrated how unhinged he has become, if the horribly awkward dinner he manipulated Jesse into attending wasn’t enough of an indication. Saying that he was in the empire business rather than the meth business or the money business was his greediest quote yet, and something tells me he’s just getting started. Before the dissolution plan was put into place, I was convinced that Jesse’s conscience would get the better of him, as he stared heartbroken at the news report of the missing child and railed against Todd for defending the decision to kill him. Walt’s story about being bought out of what would later become a billion-dollar company held some water, but Jesse made an equally compelling point by reminding Walt that he had initially calculated exactly what he needed to make, a figure well under five million dollars. It was great to see Saul in action again, blasting the DEA for their aggressive surveillance of Mike, and hopefully Walt’s actions won’t further complicate Mike’s situation. It seemed like Marie was about to get something concrete, and maybe even truthful, out of Skyler, but she screwed it all up by bringing up Skyler’s affair with Ted. It’s hard to figure out which White spouse is going to explode first, and the collateral damage to those around them is going to be enormous.

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