Thursday, August 30, 2012

What I’m Watching: White Collar

White Collar: Season 4, Episode 7 “Compromising Positions” (B+)

It’s always great to see familiar faces in fun roles on this show. Perrey Reeves, best known for playing the anger-prone Mrs. Ari on “Entourage,” was fierce and manipulative as professional fixer Landon Shepherd, who didn’t seem to like anyone except for Sara, to whom she was fiercely loyal. I’m glad that Hilarie Burton, no longer a series regular, is still just a phone call away to reprise her role as Sara. This episode made things really awkward as Neal hatched the idea to take incriminating photos of Peter and Sara together, to get Landon to drop Delancey as a client. The most uncomfortable part of the whole situation was Elizabeth watching with a glass of champagne in her hand, stepping in to encourage Peter to be more forceful, while Neal offered his own advice to Sara. It was entertaining to see Peter and Mozzie work together, with Mozzie providing his favorite Suit his voice diary to keep him busy while he was in the midst of illegal activities. Landon’s takedown was actually quite brief and easy, though she’ll likely have an easy time getting off due to her legal prowess. Neal getting to testify was a blast, and, though he does welcome it a bit too much, it’s nice to see him earn some well-deserved recognition for his expertise. We finally got to meet Sam in this hour, who was played by Treat Williams of “Everwood” fame, and it looks like he may finally be willing to help Neal, just as long as Peter doesn’t mess everything up by following them.

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Unknown said...

So far this season of White Collar has been amazing! This episode was definitely no exception. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to watch this episode live because I was working late at Dish, so I decided to record it on my Hopper. I have been recording every episode this season so that I can re-watch them after the season airs. That way, I don’t go long without White Collar before the season starts next year. I really can’t wait for next week’s episode, let alone the rest of the season!