Friday, August 17, 2012

What I’m Watching: The Newsroom

The Newsroom: Season 1, Episode 8 “The Blackout, Part 1: Tragedy Porn” (B+)

I’m so excited that Paul Schneider appeared in this episode as Brian Brenner, the reporter Will chose to write the story about News Night 2.0 who just happens to be Mackenzie’s ex-boyfriend with whom she cheated on Will (though Brian thought she was cheating on him instead!). In the world of interesting cinematic connections, Schneider is reunited with his costar Olivia Munn from “The Babymakers,” released in theaters earlier this month, and also joined by another “Parks and Recreation” player, Alison Becker, who played promiscuous journalist Shauna Malwae-Tweep on the NBC comedy and here portrays the woman seeking to make a name for herself after her online tryst with Anthony Wiener. It’s great to see Mackenzie fight for what she believes in, and to see Sloan get extremely angry, first at Neal for alleging that she has a big butt and then at Mackenzie for not reporting her proposed finance story. Vetting Charlie’s Deep Throat contact is a big job, and Jim is definitely the man for it. It’s going to be crucial to the saving of Will’s job, if Charlie’s unproductive conversation with Leona is any indication. Will’s having trouble hiding his contempt for Reese, so we just have to hope that he can hold it in long enough for them to carry out a coup. Inconveniently, Will really doesn’t have it all together, as barging in on your therapist during someone else’s appointment and demanding to be seen indicates. At least he’s got his sarcastic bodyguard Lonny to put him in his place.

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