Monday, August 27, 2012

What I’m Watching: Anger Management (Season Finale)

Anger Management: Season 1, Episode 10 “Charlie Gets Romantic” (B-)

Sometimes this show seems more intelligent than it does at other times. All the talk between Charlie and Jennifer about inheriting a gay gene because of one lesbian encounter is best left forgotten, mainly because it does nothing to enhance the rest of the show, bringing up irreverent topics and having no relation to anyone’s anger management therapy. Trying to get Kate to come with him to a movie, on the other hand, is perfectly acceptable, since she clearly despised the idea enough to hire a movie fanatic incapable of carrying a simple conversation because she feels the need to identify any bit of dialogue as the title of a rare film. Acting is hardly this show’s forte, and so the greater gist of scenes is best remembered rather than the specific talents of Charlie Sheen or Selma Blair, or the words they utter as they make their way to a conclusion that romance can be tolerated if it helps them with their friends-with-benefits situation. If ever Jennifer realizes that she’s not a lesbian and is in fact engaged in a relationship with Charlie, she’s not going to be happy. I feel shortchanged that, once again, we didn’t get to see the epic meltdown by the therapy attendees, instead having Charlie’s personal life take center stage. I’m sure that this show will be renewed for more episodes, probably the ninety that it’s supposed to get if the first season ranks as a success, and I hope to see more of a spotlight on the anger management patients who have moved out of the spotlight as this first season has progressed.

Season grade: B
Season MVP: Michael Arden as Patrick / Noureen DeWolf as Lacey

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