Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What I’m Watching: Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad: Season 5, Episode 4 “Fifty-One” (B+)

It’s difficult to judge where things are going worse for Walt: at work or at home. Celebrating his fifty-first birthday and one year from his cancer diagnosis was fun when he got to spoil Walter Jr. with a bunch of fancy cars, but Skyler has absolutely lost it and isn’t prepared to go down without a fight. Getting Marie to offer to take the kids was harmless enough, but suggesting that she would make it seem like Walt had hit her was extremely worrisome. Saying that she was just waiting for Walt’s cancer to come back was cruel, and Walt did seem phased by it, even if he came back later and told her that she too would change her mind about him. “I thought you were the danger” was the ultimate way of throwing his words back in his face. Jesse getting Walt a watch for his birthday was sweet, and he’s clearly stepping up his game, driving long distances to fill in for Ron after he got arrested. Lydia is proving to be quite untrustworthy, planting a tracker on the bottom of a barrel to make it seem like it was unsafe to do business. Her reaction to the DEA coming by was one of panic, and Mike would do well to take her out of the equation, though Walt’s desire to keep production going is likely to keep her alive for a while. Hank’s promotion will probably mean that he’ll unintentionally back away from Walt’s scent, but he does still know an awful lot more than he should about what’s actually happening.

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