Sunday, August 5, 2012

What I’m Watching: Suits

Suits: Season 2, Episode 7 “Sucker Punch” (B-)

This in-house trial to prepare for the real deal was full of over-the-top moments, and served as too close a mirror to the dynamic of the firm, with an unsmiling Daniel presiding over the trial as the judge and Jessica valiantly defending her favorite partner. It only took a few minutes for Harvey to punch Tanner in the face after he egged him on, and, as discussed over and over in this hour, Harvey’s greatest weakness is his inability to let anyone see him care. Having Louis cross-examine him didn’t quite jive with the serious nature of their last interaction, when Harvey threatened Louis after discovering the Dictaphone recording, but it did allow Louis the opportunity to take Harvey down a peg and to humiliate an extremely unfortunate Donna, who got fired and then had to come back into work just to be shamed even more. Daniel’s willingness to help Mike look into Tanner seemed genuine, but it just led to the power play that Jessica and Harvey had expected him to play for a while now, which he wasted no time in doing once the partners had decided to settle, suggesting Jessica’s incompetence and the reinstatement of him as managing partner. The most surprising development, however, was Harvey being the holdout in the vote on whether to settle and to go to trial, which he broke by agreeing to settle after Mike told him that his arrogance was costing everyone more than a settlement would, financially and emotionally. Harvey may be safe for now, but we’ll see how things shake up once the partners vote on Daniel’s proposition.

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