Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What I’m Watching: Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad: Season 5, Episode 7 “Say My Name” (A-)

This show is totally in worst case scenario mode, and it’s fascinating to see that no character is safe and that this is a completely story-driven series (though the characters are excellent as well). After last week’s high-pressure ending, Walt actually managed to conjure up a terrific plan to make all parties happy, impressing even Mike with its success. Forcing his new partner to say his name and touting his murder of Gus was a bit much, but Walt wants to make an impression, and he’s doing it. Not letting Jesse go and guilting him into not taking the money was harsh, and I can’t imagine Jesse getting out clean. Todd does seem to be a fitting replacement, the perfect coworker for Walt since he wants to get it right and won’t talk money until he does. Hank getting explicitly told not to pursue Mike made it seem as if the DEA was going to completely lose the trail, but tailing the lawyer was another brilliant call from the occasionally ignorant Hank. Walt’s panicked call to Mike indicated the severity of the situation, which spooked even Mike. As soon as Walt saw that gun, there was no way Mike was getting away clean. Like Gus before him, Mike went out in style. Telling Walt to stop talking so that he can die in peace made for a tranquil goodbye, and I suspect the aftermath will be far more complicated, particularly if and when Jesse finds out that Walt killed his friend.

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