Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What I’m Watching: Episodes

Episodes: Season 2, Episode 5 (B+)

This episode was filled to the brim with unconventional relationships, and what fun it was. Sean meeting Labia while he was out with Matt was entertaining, as usual mainly because of the casual nature with which Matt disclosed the history of their dynamic, which started with her being a participant in the Make-a-Wish foundation and then them sleeping together when she was eighteen. Carol trying to celebrate her five-year anniversary with Merc started out well after she managed to talk him into planning a vacation, but it’s a real shame that both Merc and Jamie use the same travel agent, and Merc wasn’t practical enough to tell the poor girl that he was planning a trip with someone other than his wife and to keep the news quiet rather than telling her all about it. Otherwise, things would have worked out perfectly, and instead, Merc and Jamie have to be miserable together while leaving their actual interests at home. Morning’s plastic surgery mishap was quite unfortunate, and it’s great that Sean was the one to go over to her house and discover it since he does a magnificent job of showing exaggerated emotion on his face. The montage of repeated attempts to film her scene without revealing the horrific excess cheek was amusing, and they really would have been better off just cutting her scenes even further. I enjoyed Sean and Beverly’s initial reaction to the news that she knew she’d be out all week, and their interactions with their hapless assistant continue to be hilarious.

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