Saturday, August 25, 2012

What I’m Watching: Alphas

Alphas: Season 2, Episode 5 “Gaslight” (B+)

It’s practically a requirement that shows dealing with the slightly supernatural have at least one haunted house episode. I’m pleased to report that this hour was extremely well-constructed, with each member of the team being weighed down by their own projections of dead people or imagined living people. The most compelling, by far, was a resurrected Anna, talking to Gary and making him genuinely happy as he analyzed her existence and concluded how he was seeing her. I’m intrigued to see what Gary will do to carry on her memory, and glad to see him occupying his mind with a good cause. It’s also good that Cameron used his hallucinations to go see his son, whereas Bill battling himself doesn’t seem to have set him straight as far as his frequent fight club attendance is concerned. As always, Dr. Rosen was cool and collected during the entire experience, preparing to wake Jason up while warning his team members that they’re going to be seeing things that aren’t real. He’s also found a productive job for Nina, having her use her ability for the purposes of ascertaining rather than planting information, sort of a reverse-inception-type trick, which appears to have an effect on her as the memory-procurer as well. It’s doing impressive things for Kat too, though the return of previously hidden memories may not prove to be the best thing depending on how they manifest themselves and how they may affect Kat’s ability to create new memories in the process.

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