Friday, August 17, 2012

What I’m Watching: True Blood

True Blood: Season 5, Episode 10 “Gone, Gone, Gone” (B+)

Things are not looking good for the residents of Bon Temps as they’re beginning to be affected by the TruBlood factory bombings engineered by the Authority. Sookie getting attacked by a newly turned Mike, Lafayette defending Merlotte’s with a shotgun, and Tara staking the new sheriff to protect her maker are all very bad signs, and now the only sympathetic vampire is in captivity within the walls of the authority. The situation is worsening with the Authority as well, since Russell clearly doesn’t care much for Lilith or religion, while everyone else is awed by her. The Authority members are going to come to blows soon, and I imagine it’s not going to end well. Though Godric got his throat slit by Lilith in front of him, I don’t suspect that Eric is actually convinced of Lilith’s power. It’s sad to see Molly go, but proof that no one is safe on this show, especially not standout supporting players who only appear for a grand total of a few minutes over the course of several episodes. Jessica glamouring Hoyt at his request made for a powerful scene, and seeing Jason try to reconnect with him when he pulled him over was surprisingly moving. Sam and Luna turning into mice to track Emma down is sure to have an exciting ending, and it’s likely that Steve won’t be too happy about losing his newfound pet. Sookie has been able to worm her way out of sticky situations in the past, but finding a contract from 1702 that spells out her being owed to a vampire is definitely bad news.

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