Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What I’m Watching: Anger Management

Anger Management: Season 1, Episode 9 “Charlie’s Dad Visits” (B+)

It sure didn’t take long for another Sheen family member to drop by, and Martin had a much better role here than he did in his unnecessarily Emmy-nominated part as Rose’s dad on “Two and a Half Men.” Charlie dreading his father’s visit led to amusingly sedate and polite interactions, which were most entertaining because of how frustrated they made Charlie. Some of the jokes are a bit obvious (“You as president? I can’t picture it”), but overall, it’s fun to see father and son playing together well. Because this is a light-hearted sitcom, Martin didn’t need to actually apologize for anything he did wrong, and his confession about his deteriorating life didn’t come as much of surprise. Charlie bringing Martin to see Kate and then doing detective work while watching old videos was funny too. The opening conversation about jobs was great, and it’s enjoyable to her each of the group members contribute their own different experience as related to their occupations. As expected, Charlie got himself more worked up than Lacey when he accompanied her on her morning commute to work, but we did get a fantastic chance to see Lacey freak out after she got fed up with the politeness exercised by the far more patient Ed, whose stint as her driver didn’t last long after he abandoned the vehicle just minutes into the drive. Episode ten marks the first season finale, but I’m almost certain that this show will return for a momentous ninety episodes.

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