Friday, October 5, 2012

Five Shows I Won’t Be Watching (Anymore)

There have been times in the past that I’ve abruptly given up on shows, but now, facing an ever-crowding fall TV season, I’ve made the choice to abandon five shows I had previously planned on watching regularly. Three are in their second seasons and I’ve decided I’m not willing to make the investment, and the other three are older but just aren’t headed anywhere I want to go. This doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll stop watching them (though I certainly should), but I will definitely stop reviewing effective this past week. If you think I should continue watching any of these shows, or stop watching something else (aside from “Revolution,” which I can already acknowledge I detest but will keep watching), please say so in the comments below.

1. Once Upon a Time: I was never terribly impressed with this series, giving it a consistent C+ week after week, and the season two premiere showed me that it’s only headed downhill from here. This show had a cool premise but a very lacking presentation of is ideas. I’m meagerly invested in the characters, but I’m not attached enough to any of them to stay to see what becomes of them.

2. Treme: I’m not so eager to give up on this show because I think it’s the only legitimately good series that I’m planning to stop watching. That said, if generally slow Sunday night period dramas “Hell on Wheels” and “Boardwalk Empire” can sustain my interest and this show just can’t, then I think it’s not worth sticking by this well-executed but deathly boring show.

3. 2 Broke Girls: I know I’m merely the last one to jump on the bandwagon here and declare this show obnoxious and overdone. The main thing for me is that it’s just not funny anymore. I used to laugh, and now I don’t. Kat Dennings is great, but she’ll just have to entertain the millions of viewers who watch CBS comedies now.

4. Glee: This show has become so irritating that I can’t even stand it. I liked some episodes from season one and thought it could have gone somewhere, but its new focus on the extraordinary success of two annoying graduates in New York is making me hate it more than before, and there isn’t anything left that makes it worth watching. I’ll be glad to be rid of these characters if I can truly stay away.

5. Scandal: This series gets booted mainly because of another show that deals with a similar subject and is infinitely better. The second season premiere of this so-so show paled in comparison to Starz’s excellent “Boss,” and the characters proved too broadly drawn to make it sustainable. After only eight episodes, I don’t think I’ll even remember these characters in a few months.

What shows do you plan to give up on this season?

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