Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What I’m Watching: Dexter

Dexter: Season 7, Episode 4 “Run” (B+)

This show tends to be at its best when it’s focusing on one villain for an isolated period of time rather than a whole season. Fortunately, we have both in this case, with Speltzer representing the former and Sirkov the latter. Batista did a magnificent job of warming up Speltzer to be taken down by Deb, and she deserves credit for how well she took him down. Getting off on a technicality is one of Dexter’s main triggers, though Deb nearly took him out first when she went off on him at the funeral. Speltzer easily ranks as one of the more methodical, creepy killers this show has seen with his notes and mazes, but Dexter did manage to use outsmart him quite easily with common sense. Burning his blood slides with Speltzer, who didn’t get his cheek sliced or experience most of Dexter’s usual ritual, was an important step for Dexter, as was calling Deb after to have her ask if he did it for her and to reveal that she was glad about it. It’s a good thing that Dexter didn’t dispose of Speltzer via his boat as usual, since Sirkov is circling and closing in on him without his having the slightest idea. Forcing the bartender to commit suicide was cruel and unfeeling, and hopefully Batista will let his inner detective win and won’t give up on pursuing it. With Hannah stopping by for some more mysterious flirting, Dexter is definitely going to get distracted at just the wrong moment.

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