Thursday, October 4, 2012

What I'm Watching: Alphas

Alphas: Season 2, Episode 10 “Life After Death” (B+)

This episode’s title was appropriately somber to capture the mood of the team in the wake of Dani’s death. It’s hard to function properly since both Dr. Rosen and Cameron are too devastated to get anything done, and they’re both equally upset with each other while they’re mourning the loss of someone they both loved. I’m glad that Nina didn’t help Cameron forget Dani, since that wouldn’t have ended up being productive, and Cameron’s hatred of Stanton is going to be instrumental to the presumptive takedown of the enemy Alphas that’s coming up soon. The musical score for Dr. Rosen’s search of Dani’s apartment was terrific, and helped to enhance the feel of the episode. Gary getting handed a baby was a delightful plot point that allowed him to look up how to take care of it and end up being quite paternal. That may have had something to do with the baby’s alpha ability to inspire parenthood in its caretaker, but it was still fun to see him be so protective. Gary telling the baby “they never listen to me” was among the best moments. Bill and Nina were not prepared for the monster Alpha parents sent to retrieve the baby, but they managed to work together well to take down their assailants after they realized their true identities. Bill taking the baby home is an intriguing twist, thought it likely won’t interfere too much since we haven’t seen much of his home life in a while. I’m continually confused about the fact that both Rachel and John exist only to be in a relationship with each other rather than participate on the team, and must note that it’s more than a bit weird that Rachel, who is an adult, was so enthusiastic about having sex in her parents’ house knowing full well that her father was on his way home.

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