Thursday, October 11, 2012

What I’m Watching: Major Crimes

Major Crimes: Season 1, Episode 9 “Cheaters Never Prosper” (B+)

Aside from Fritz, it’s hard to find an example of two law enforcement agencies working well together. That was certainly the case with the Las Vegas police officer whose partner was murdered, and, fortunately, Captain Raydor has a no-nonsense attitude about dealing with prickly people, highlighted most by her brazen order to send out a fraud warning to purposely let the criminals know that they were on to them. It was great to see Eric Lange, who was grumpy and mean all the time as Radzinsky on season five of “Lost,” as the man of many identities, who purported not to have committed any crimes despite possessing thirty different licenses, all bearing a different name. Last week, Provenza insisted that it’s always the husband, and it’s just often a love interest, in this case a frightened woman being stalked by an overeager police officer. As usual, Rusty’s plot was central but more prominent towards the end of the episode, as his father devalued his time and earned his contempt by blowing him off repeatedly. Seeing Rusty with a bruised face at the end of the episode was disconcerting, but it’s all but guaranteed that Raydor will fight tooth and nail to make sure that he pays for doing irreparable damage – mostly emotional – to this boy to whom she’s grown so close. To quote another Mary McDonnell character, in one of Laura Roslin’s most furious moments, “I will use every cannon, every bomb, every bullet, every weapon I have down to my own eye teeth to end you.”

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