Friday, October 26, 2012

What I’m Watching: New Girl

New Girl: Season 2, Episode 5 “Models” (B+)

Though I didn’t love quite everything about it, this episode had its hilarious moments. I’m not as big a fan of Fat Schmidt as I think many might be, but seeing the peculiar bonding between him and Young Nick is rather amusing. I also didn’t love the extended sight gag slash Ford advertisement that was Jess trying and failing to walk in heels, but I think that the rest of that plotline worked well enough for that to be forgiven. Now on to the good – I absolutely loved Jess explaining her simpler problem of not knowing how to talk to the models, resigning to pointing at objects and letting them observe obvious things. Her physical fight with Cece was infantile but entertaining, and I like seeing their friendship front and center again (though I’m all for Schmidt and Cece getting back together too). There was no better moment in the episode than when Nick started to question Schmidt’s motivations for getting him a cookie. Some have thought that Schmidt has been too exaggerated and obnoxious this season, but this was the perfect usage. Winston also got involved productively, less concerned about thoughtful grand gestures and instead focused on Nick’s inability to tell him “good night” before bed. Winston’s list of things that Schmidt did for Nick without him appreciating or acknowledging them was great, and I liked that Schmidt was still enjoying their tender moment while his roommates were prepared to go back to their masculine activities as quickly as possible.

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