Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What I’m Watching: The Office (Halloween Episode #3)

The Office: Season 9, Episode 5 “Here Comes Treble” (C-)

Ah, the show this once was. I almost needed to be reminded of Andy having gone to Cornell and being in an a cappella group since they haven’t been referenced in so long, making Andy bringing in his former group a completely random occurrence. For once, Erin is the one thinking clearly, unable to comprehend why Andy is so obsessed with his status as the Boner Champ. This was a horrible waste of Stephen Colbert, whose friendship with Ed Helms should have led to something much, much funnier and indicates that the show is in dire need of being propped up from its unfortunate current state. Finding out that Andy’s parents are broke is likely to cause Andy to try to redefine himself, but I’m not interested in watching what happens as a result. In other recycled news, we have Meredith put into a net by Dwight, something that was really only funny the first time with the bat, and Clark’s overenthusiasm for Andy’s antics is becoming infuriatingly irritating. The Senator showing up at the party and having some fun with Oscar was also something that we’ve heard about and didn’t turn out to be any funnier to see. Dwight persecuting the owner of a pill to get some for himself was unnecessary, though I suppose he does have a decent, logical relationship with Nellie. Jim really needs to stop making crucial life decisions without consulting his wife since he has a shot at something good but seems to be doing everything possible to screw it up.

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