Monday, October 8, 2012

What I’m Watching: 30 Rock (Season Premiere)

30 Rock: Season 7, Episode 1 “The Beginning of the End” (B+)

I had grown somewhat tired of this show and didn’t even realize this show was premiering again this past week until I happened upon the listing. I was pleasantly surprised, therefore, to discover a very funny and enjoyable half hour representing the first episode of the final season of a series that’s really ready to end. I’m pleased to see that it’s aiming to go out on top rather than feature guest star after guest star until it finally reaches its agonizing death. Jack’s plan to tank NBC is definitely the funniest plotline of all, and I loved the snippets of “God Cop” that were shown, featuring God kneeling down to pray (“To who?!!”) and Jack calling his costar Liz. I’m not sure his plan will work, but it’s sure to be entertaining while it lasts. Jenna has always been out on her own planet, and it was good to incorporate her by having her select Liz as her reluctant maid of honor, a job she too tried to do so poorly to get herself discarded in favor of the obvious choice, Jenna herself. Everything with Kenneth and Hazel has gotten a bit too weird for my tastes, and things are never normal when Tracy seems like the sane one in the room. Though she’s odd, Hazel is a character made for this universe, and it’s only fitting that she be around when this show takes its final bow. I suspect that it’s going to be one hell of a nutty season, and I do hope that we’ll get to see some of the more memorable recurring characters from seasons past.

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