Sunday, October 7, 2012

Round Two: The Mindy Project

The Mindy Project: Season 1, Episode 2 “Hiring and Firing” (B+)

It’s wonderful to see another second episode stand up to the first, especially in the case of this show, which had a major lifecycle event occur in its pilot that couldn’t necessarily be matched by what will come next. The writing on this show is superb, and the actors delivering the lines are just as terrific. Though her character was entirely bonkers, and possibly because of that, Beth Grant was an inspired choice to play the rather incompetent Beverly, who didn’t quite take the hint from Jeremy and then punched Mindy in the face when she finally broke the news to her. The absolute best part of this show is the relationship between Mindy and Danny, starting with the narration on the subway about the different stages of love and their extreme competition during the interview process. Mindy is such a great character, going to bookstores not to buy books, not supporting Shakespeare because she believes his butler wrote all of his plays, and changing frozen yogurt flavors four times on an impromptu date. I love the reference to Oscar ballot season, which I hope makes a return appearance when the time comes in 2013, and I’m enjoying the actors chosen to play Mindy’s potential romantic interests. Mindy’s defense of their odd new nurse hire having been in prison by noting that Nelson Mandela was in prison was hilarious, and it’s fantastic that this kind of logic will continue to drive the storylines and dialogue on this show. I’m hooked already.

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