Sunday, October 7, 2012

What I’m Watching: Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy: Season 5, Episode 4 “Stolen Huffy” (B+)

The aftermath of Opie’s death is almost as devastating as the event itself, mainly due to the fact that it had to be relived every time another character found out about it. I’m most fascinated by the way that Jax and Nero interact, since they’re both acutely aware of and sympathetic to the difficulties the other is experiencing, sharing secrets of their trades and even going into business with each other. I doubt Gemma will go down without a fight, and Jax trying to tell her who she can and can’t date coupled with Tara aggressively blocking her parenting rights should make for a very alienating combination. Wendy’s role in everything isn’t going to be positive either if it persists now that Jax has made up his mind about the fact that she should have no influence in Abel’s life. It was worrisome to see Tara become so enraged and brutal with Nero’s right-hand woman, since that’s the kind of behavior we’ve come to expect from Gemma but much more rarely from the depressed doctor. As Jax embarks on this new partnership with Nero, tensions are only going to rise within SAMCRO, and Jax is going to need to make sure he knows who his friends are since, Bobby and an eternally indebted Tig aside, no one is going to be behind him in the same way that Opie was. Plainly put, they have a lot of issues to be sorted out, and I’m sure even more problems will present themselves before the current ones are resolved.

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