Thursday, October 11, 2012

What I’m Watching: Revolution

Revolution: Season 1, Episode 4 “The Plague Dogs” (D-)

It’s never a good sign when you root for a show’s main characters to be killed off. The one that did bite the dust, Maggie, was actually probably the smartest member of the crew, but her death makes sense since she’s far more expendable than, say, a Matheson child, who both battle each other constantly for the status of most annoying character on the show – not an easy feat. Everyone knows that bearing your soul and sharing your life story means that you’re not long for this world. I’m not sure why this show suddenly transformed into a version of “The Grey” with angry dogs as the new villain, though their owner nearly did the show a big favor by killing off Charlie, but, as tends to be the case in this situation, using an old chair that won’t stay firmly cemented to the floor can lead to death traps being unsuccessful. On the subject of logic, it would seem to me that a traveling militia, which spends most of its time on the road, would be just as capable, if not infinitely more so, of predicting weather than a teenager who has, as far as we know, spent most of his semi-adult life in a farm town. Danny and Captain Neville getting trapped in a storm locker where Danny had to save Neville was far too staged, and Danny is being too idiotic for his own good, constantly escaping but never getting far enough away. Let’s see more of Miles’ break with the militia; at least he seems to have been somewhat more bearable then.

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