Thursday, October 11, 2012

What I’m Watching: Alphas

Alphas: Season 2, Episode 11 “If Memory Serves” (B+)

Once again, this show proves its excellence in dealing with characters. Sean Astin was a great choice to play memory bank Mitchell, who, like Kat, wasn’t able to keep track of his own memories because so many other people had used him as a storage device for their memories. His narrations of Stanton’s memories and the caretaker’s were especially compelling, and he interacted superbly with both Kat and Cameron. Kat’s gleefulness on the mission was contrasted sharply by her murder of the caretaker, though it demonstrates just how useful she can be in the field, thinking creatively and possessing astonishing abilities in so many situations. Cameron has never been an especially patient person, and his deep state of mourning didn’t help matters. It’s good to see him recognize Kat’s talents, and I’d enjoy seeing them partner up again in the future. Gary’s non-reaction to his mother being in a car crash was extremely compelling, and Ryan Cartwright once again deserves commendation for a spectacularly engaged performance. It was nice to see Bill come by to comfort Gary and help him try to tap into the emotions he has the most trouble accessing. Nina’s run-in with the senator was intense, since she’s clearly been affected severely as a result of being pushed, and is firmly determined to stop others from experiencing the same fate, if her angry elevator meeting with Dr. Rosen is any indication. On a show with so many fantastic elements, it’s perhaps most affecting to see Dr. Rosen tap into Stanton’s mind and realize that he may in fact have a way to understand him and to defeat him.

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