Sunday, October 7, 2012

Round Two: Vegas

Vegas: Season 1, Episode 2 “Money Plays” (B)

I’m not sure how engaging this show will be able to be on a weekly basis, but this second episode was definitely well-crafted, filmed with intensity and appropriately paced and scored to establish an antique mood. The interception of the diner robber was extremely stylized, complete with a slow-motion drive-by featuring Vincent, once again establishing the fact that he and Ralph are destined to be mortal enemies. Vincent does seem to be taking a troublingly active role in his own illegal activities rather than disseminating tasks and farming them out to his underlings, meeting face-to-face with the man he sent to kill the rat in jail and then taking an axe to a fire hydrant to get his route diverted so that he could fall prey to a deadly explosion. Vincent is going to have his hands full going forward with his old friend and new employee Mia, but her reaction to his confrontation suggests that she may be willing to play ball and follow his rules in the future. It’s no surprise that Vincent keeps meeting Ralph since the victim of the week was an employee of the casino, and Ralph as a result has to resort to brutality along with his brother in the pursuit of justice. Ralph’s son Dixon is also taking an active role in law and order, though his father clearly doesn’t think that he’s up to the task. The fact that he saved his father’s life may change the way he’s treated and could even help to improve a generally steely relationship.

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