Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What I’m Watching: 30 Rock

30 Rock: Season 7, Episode 4 “Unwindulax” (B+)

This show is often at its best when it’s most delusional, as long as it has some firm grounding in reality. This episode doesn’t necessarily rely on much logic for its claims, but it does do a spectacular job of mocking the current political situation, an effective follow-up to Governor Dunston’s ascension to the vice-presidential ticket. Liz fast-forwarding through Jack’s story was hilarious, and the notion of her being at a Republican fundraiser was comedy gold. Jack’s obsession with money as the solution to all problems resulted in an extraordinarily funny Romney ad starring Don Cheadle and the breakdown of Florida’s political leanings by both Tracy and Jack. Discovering that it was the Crab Catchers, Jenna’s loyal followers, who would decide the election made for a humorous “To be continued” segment at the end which promises plenty of wacky resolution coming next week, which just happens to be the last episode before the election happens. I liked the quick summary of TGS’ coverage of the election up until this point, featuring Baseball Mitt Romney and Barackallama. Lutz’s grand-nephew being a star of “Twilight” was sort of silly, but it did help underscore the banality of the execution of the election material Liz tried to write. Jenna having to be Island Jenna in front of her groupies was the perfect setup for Frank, Lutz, and Twofer to mess with her, and she did a pretty impressive job of fighting back and trying to give them a taste of her own petty medicine.

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