Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Round Two: Elementary

Elementary: Season 1, Episode 2 “While You Were Sleeping” (B+)

It’s affirming to see a show that is just as good in its second week as in its first. Not since “Monk” has there been such a superb instance of an eccentric detective of sorts suggesting that a person in a coma is guilty of a murder but would hardly be considered a suspect by anyone else due to their comatose state. The reveal that she was having herself put into a medically-induced coma by the doctor with whom she was having an affair was fantastic, and I’m glad to see such a complex and though-out mystery put together. Sherlock so brazenly accusing her fraternal twin sister was rather harsh, but it seems that she got over her anger once she realized that he was actually right, just not about which sister was doing the killing. Sherlock putting himself into a trance during the addiction meeting and then being threatened with a sharp object by Watson was great, and I’m glad to see that they’re already getting along so famously. Sherlock prying into her personal life and inviting her date over definitely didn’t help matters, but it’s clear that the relationship will go both ways in terms of agonizing actions. The musical score that accompanies the investigations undertaken by Sherlock is marvelous, and helps to establish the mood in a great way. This is hardly the most serious procedural currently on the air, and it’s easily one of the most entertaining, engaging, and watchable shows I’m watching at the moment.

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