Sunday, October 7, 2012

What I’m Watching: Parenthood

Parenthood: Season 4, Episode 4 “The Talk” (B+)

He may not have the best bedside manner, or the best name, but Dr. Bedslow sure managed to diagnose Kristina’s life with one major generalization: she puts herself last. It’s fascinating, as a result, to see her support Max in his bid for student council president and to decide to postpone her surgery despite Adam’s objections. Despite his stubbornness, they always seem to make it through things okay, so while Max’s candidacy may cause some temporary problems, their family dynamic should survive. That didn’t initially seem quite as likely after Crosby’s accidental introduction of some negative language to Jabar, but Jasmine handled it well. It’s hard for them to parent together after spending so many years apart, but they seem to be doing just fine. It’s good to see Joel take a proactive role for once in the rearing of Victor, whose temper got the best of him in his first at bat but managed to come around to the idea thank to Joel’s passionate perseverance. Hank is definitely liking Sarah more and more after she managed to entertain his daughter while he wasn’t in the office, and I just hope that nothing romantic comes of that otherwise superb relationship. I’m also pleased that Zeek has found himself a friend and mentee of sorts in Matt Lauria’s newly returned veteran, and I’m hopeful that it and the VA will provide Zeek with a much-needed place to make himself useful as he starts to feel that he isn’t wanted or needed by his children and grandchildren.

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