Monday, October 15, 2012

Take Three: Last Resort

Last Resort: Season 1, Episode 3 “Eight Bells” (B-)

There’s a lot of action to be found on this show, but it’s still not necessarily heading anywhere terribly productive. Discovering that Serrat was the one who abducted three of Marcus’ men is crucial, but his acceptance of the fact that Serrat executed one of them suggests great problems to come ahead. Cortez and Brannan so willingly offering up Red to be killed seemed immensely cowardly, and it’s something that Serrat could easily report to Marcus if he felt so inclined. The daring dive to procure the cargo needed to appease Serrat was decently thrilling but somewhat contrived since the Perseus technology was draining the ship’s power so much that it had to be completely shut off, whereas they would have done better to disengage it earlier and reengage it later to ensure a safe and silent return. Serrat is a powerful enemy, but Sophie is an equally crucial ally, and a romance with the married Sam doesn’t seem far off. Prosser’s full reinstatement is a risky choice on Marcus’ part, but hopefully it will pay off rather than come back to haunt him. James got the chance to meet Tani’s family, but he really should put himself to better use rather than just drink his days away without giving any thought to the sub and its crew. Kylie, enterprising as she is, needs to learn that every person she tries to trust is just going to be put in more danger, and something tells me that her father, played by Michael Gaston of “Jericho” and much more, has sinister motivations.

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