Monday, October 22, 2012

What I’m Watching: The Office

The Office: Season 9, Episode 4 “Work Bus” (C+)

This show has taken a number of field trips in its time, and this is hardly the best one. Dwight’s ownership of the building was amusing at first but has now become more irksome than anything. Jim’s desire to do something nice for Pam since she was (seemingly) supportive of his choice to finally move on with his career was sweet, but driving out to the middle of nowhere to get pies during a work day was a bit extreme, especially since the entire office ended up being part of it. Planting the unpopped popcorn on Dwight’s desk was another great reminder of the good old days, something this show seems intent on doing about once per episode in case not all viewers have caught on to the fact that the show has gone downhill in recent years. Nellie wanting to adopt a baby seems like it came from out of nowhere, and it’s just another obvious setup to create conflict between Andy and Nellie, pulling at the heartstrings even more since Erin always wanted to be adopted. Creed hitchhiking while he was playing hooky and getting picked up by the work bus was funny, but another indication of a character who has been underused during the show’s run. Kevin’s sudden ability to do math when it involves pies is perfectly in line with the character but equally frustrating. It’s at least refreshing to see Clark get hated on, and to have Dwight and Jim experience a brief tender moment.

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