Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What I’m Watching: Nikita

Nikita: Season 3, Episode 2 “Innocence” (B)

After a strong start to the season, this show is back to the same antics and personal relationships, but there’s definitely still more than enough action to go around to make the episode entirely exciting. Starting with Nikita getting her ring sized and being told that she’ll soon be having babies led to an extremely coincidental situation in which a child just happened to be in a similar circumstance to Nikita’s. Annalise Basso, who appeared as a Pawnee ranger on “Parks and Recreation” and as the daughter of Jess’ older boyfriend on “New Girl,” was more than competent as Liza, who had been trained by Wade but managed to hang on to enough of her independence to eventually break free with Nikita’s help. Ryan considering Liza as a target rather than as an asset was a move that could threaten the delicate new balance that exists at the refurbished Division. It’s interesting to meet a Division agent so old that he doesn’t even know who Nikita is, and that suggests that her legacy doesn’t go back quite as far as it has seemed up until now. Birkhoff turning Wade’s automatic gun on him, enhanced by his subsequent reaction, was amusing, and it’s good to see that the team dynamic is still relatively the same, goofy and usually effective. Nikita letting Alex take Liza in to her parents because she got the last girl was an important action, and it’s good to see the relationship between Nikita and Alex being rekindled.

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