Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What I’m Watching: Dexter (Season Premiere)

Dexter: Season 7, Episode 1 “Are You…?” (B+)

It was about time Deb found out the truth. Dexter’s master plan to keep lying to her until she gave up and decided not to pursue it any further was fortunately foiled, as an intrepid Deb managed to piece together memories and just enough evidence to realize that Dexter had in fact planned out the murder of Travis in advance. The sight of her in his ransacked apartment with the Ice Truck Killer’s hand and the slides in front of her at the very end of the episode was both worrisome and satisfying, and Dexter’s honesty in response to her questions was refreshing. Showcasing Dexter’s frantic trip to the airport was a good false start, and I think his reckless kill in the middle of a crowded airport will come back to haunt him, as will Laguerta’s enterprising recovery of his slide. Enver Gjokaj’s cop killer may be dead, but there looks to be a whole ring of evil for Dexter and the cops to go up against this season, featuring Jason Gedrick stateside and a host of shady characters in Kiev. I’m not too enthralled by the relationship between Batista and Quinn, but the romance between the younger Batista and Josh Cooke’s Louis seems to be heating up, in that it’s wearing thin as Louis mysteriously devotes his every waking moment to ruining Dexter’s life. Something tells me Dexter isn’t even going to see that one coming, and Louis is going to be in over his head once Dexter finally catches on to his game.

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