Thursday, October 4, 2012

What I’m Watching: Major Crimes

Major Crimes: Season 1, Episode 8 “Dismissed with Prejudice” (B+)

There’s nothing like extra facial hair to help distinguish a flashback. A mustachioed Tao was involved in quite an intense case, as a ten-year-old daughter’s testimony put her father in prison, and it was nice to see him spotlighted as he fought to right a wrong, convinced the entire time that he had been correct about his initial suspicions. The Major Crimes squad knew something was up from the start, from Sykes posing as a reporter to Provenza’s insistence that it’s always the husband. As far as cases are concerned, this one was rather spectacular, as Tao put together the facts and realized that the husband murdered not only his wife but also the man with whom she was having an affair, the man that he was in fact trying to accuse of the murder. Telling his daughter that he regrets not killing her too was harsh, but at least she can detach herself from him rather than mourning his being away from her. It’s fun to see Fritz participating, and also worthwhile to note that Jon Tenney directed this episode, a sign that he’ll likely be stopping be on occasion despite the unlikelihood of Brenda Leigh Johnson popping in for an appearance. I’ve come to expect at this point that the case will be wrapped up in full by a few minutes before the end of the episode before checking back in on Rusty, who, despite his best efforts to be argumentative, appears to be forging a legitimate connection with his father, which is sure to complicate his living situation and his guardian’s life as well.

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