Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What I’m Watching: Hell on Wheels

Hell on Wheels: Season 2, Episode 8 “The Lord’s Day” (B+)

If Durant has proven himself to be a bossy, stubborn jerk, he’s nothing compared to his wife. After seeing Lily resist Durant’s affection for so long before he himself became endearing and she gave in, it’s difficult to watch Virginia Madsen’s Mrs. Durant swoop in to tell her that her services are no longer needed and to commandeer her train car so that she can literally throw her out. The dinner with Lily and Cullen was beyond awkward, and though Durant wasn’t pleased about Lily “laying” with Cullen (hard not to love the authentic language), it’s good that she has someone looking out for her now that Durant’s wishes are dictated by his wife. Cullen offering up his car is useful too since it enables him to have another fantastic conversation with Elam, whose exodus from the railroad wasn’t as complete as he had thought. Cullen and Elam are going to have their hands full dealing with the Swede, who rather brazenly sabotaged the bridge and left his calling card so that Cullen would know it was him. It’s about time the McGinnes brothers came to blows, though Mickey’s greatest insult to Sean was a verbal revelation, and he did not react well to finding out about Ruth and Joseph. Ruth held her own when he came to accuse her, and, unfortunately for everyone, it looks like Joseph is switching sides again, which could mean very bad things for the confrontation that’s sure to come in the upcoming two-hour season finale.

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