Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What I’m Watching: The Good Wife

The Good Wife: Season 4, Episode 4 “Don’t Haze Me, Bro” (B+)

This show really likes to make its judges colorful characters, and the same is true of its opposing counsel. John Glover was last seen in season two opposite Martha Plimpton’s Patti Nyholm, and here he got the chance to go solo and keep an angry Diane and Alicia on their toes as he continued to change his defense and try to prove something else that would get the case thrown out. Luckily, they managed to trick him into negating his case, which made a frustrated Diane quite happy. Her ambitious plan for bringing Lockhart Gardner back from the dead may not play out so easily, but it should be fascinating to watch. The trustee’s suggestion for Diane and Will to share an office was expectedly shot down, and instead new best buds Cary and Alicia ended up in awfully tight quarters. Alicia’s drunken night with Maddie was extremely interesting, and it’s a shame that Alicia felt compelled to be Eli’s mouthpiece since that seemed to represent a downturn in the evening’s fun. While Jackie was busy making steam come out of Eli’s ears and seeing bugs, Alicia did a superb job deflecting Mandy’s questions, and Kalinda fought hard to ensure that the story couldn’t possibly be true. The phone call Eli got from the blogger in the episode’s closing moments, however, changes everything, since even an untrue rumor can prove detrimental, as the entire extended Florrick campaign is about to experience. Eli’s attitude towards the blogger on the phone certainly didn’t help matters.

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