Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Take Three: Elementary

Elementary: Season 1, Episode 3 “Child Predator” (B+)

This show continues to be the best new series of the fall season, tackling fascinating cases with its equally interesting characters. I didn’t mention the superb opening credits sequence last week, and I love the music that accompanies all of Sherlock’s realizations. The relationship between Sherlock and Watson is the best reason to watch this show, and it only improved in this episode, as Watson managed to distinguish herself as more than just space between two ears. Going for telling her that he when he agrees with her, it means that he’s not listening to thanking her for talking to him was quite a development, and I like that squats were involved in the process as well. Watson’s determination to get him to rest after a win was wonderfully opposed to Sherlock not being a part of the police force proved extremely useful, and his conversations with Adam, mostly made up of fictions on his part, were brilliant. Deducing that Adam, not Samuel, was the Balloon Man was impressive, and finding a way to get him charged despite his immunity was even cleverer. Despite his progress treating Watson as more than just an animate object, Sherlock is still hilariously prickly with everyone else, spray-painting a video camera to ensure that an interview doesn’t happen and sarcastically asking an interviewee if she was a color person after she said she wasn’t a car person. His humorous interrogations help this show to create a perfect balance between light entertainment and serious drama.

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