Thursday, October 18, 2012

What I’m Watching: Revolution

Revolution: Season 1, Episode 5 “Soul Train” (F)

It’s clear that this show is headed nowhere interesting fast. Its events are increasingly laughable, and at this point it really just has become a never-ending chase in which Charlie and Miles get painfully close to Danny only to lose him again. It’s useful to know that there’s a working train still left in the world, and our useless wanderers could benefit from the opportunity to sit down and cover distance more efficiently. It’s amusing that Tracy Spiridakos considers herself to be a good actress, so impressed by her performance upon meeting a nosy Captain Neville that she feels the need to take a deep, agonizing breath after he walks away. Danny’s inability to maintain a straight face evidently tipped Neville off to Charlie’s presence, and he ranks as the worst escapee in history, once again failing to get away. I was pleased to see Jeff Fahey from “Lost” as fellow revolutionary Hutch, though I really wish that plotline were cooler than a Joe Biden code phrase. When Hutch stabbed Nora, it seemed like this show was ready to hemorrhage more characters, but I’m sure it’s only a flesh wound. Flashing back to Neville’s past is about too stark, presenting him as a sad sack with a determination never to use violence. It’s less shocking that Nate escaped so easily from Miles and company than that’s he’s Neville’s son, and I’m sure we’ll learn why it is that Neville detests him so much. Finally, it’s upsetting to know that Rachel was so willing to give up everything at the mere sight of her child, making the events of the last five episodes pretty much worthless.

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