Sunday, October 11, 2015

Round Two: The Grinder

The Grinder: Season 1, Episode 2 “A Hero Has Fallen” (B+)

This was an important episode in determining whether or not this series is enduring or out of ideas after its expository pilot, and I’m pleased to say that I believe the former to be true. What was crucial about this installment was that it let Dean, who really is the real-life Grinder, be knocked down a peg by his signature logic, “What if it wasn’t?” failing to win a case since, in truth, he had no actual argument or proof that any illegality had been committed. Stewart realizing that he was just like Pincus, the “biggest wuss on TV” whose name bears a familiar resemblance to a nerdy nemesis from “Boy Meets World,” and that his negativity was exactly what allowed the Grinder and his alter ego Dean to be motivated to win was fun, and it was good to see him embrace that. There were two notable new faces, the first of which was Steve Little, best known as the idiotic but loyal Stevie from “Eastbound and Down,” as Todd, a law colleague. The other was much more exciting to me, especially because it appears that she has now joined the firm and the regular cast. That’s Natalie Morales, who played Lucy on “Parks and Recreation,” as Claire, who immediately fascinated Dean but also shut him down. I love that she’s on his side now and that she’s also inspired in him the possibility that, despite her insistence, they might one day be able to get together in a romantic way.

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