Friday, October 9, 2015

Take Three: Minority Report

Minority Report: Season 1, Episode 3 “Hawk-Eye” (B+)

As a sequel to the movie of the same name, this show has decided to abandon pre-crime as an official concept, and I’m glad to see that this isn’t anywhere near the end of predictive policing. That’s shown in three ways in this episode, through Hawk-eye, Dash’s work, and, best of all, Agatha. Starting with Kyle Howard’s Mark Massero having his car electronically impounded and then watching him go ballistic on a stranger he nearly killed while driving presented an even more complicated piece of things, which is brain therapy designed to change behaviors and personalities but can also be used for malicious purposes targeting unsuspecting people looking for help. I’m glad that it’s turning out to be more than Lara and Dash running in to arrest people before they commit crimes, instead offering something of much more substance. Lara bringing on Dash officially as a civilian consultant is a smart play, and he actually managed to nail his interview with Will minus the minor mishandling of golf terms. Arthur’s concern over what he is doing is legitimate given Agatha’s vision, and I am curious to see how that all plays out. For the moment, however, I’m entranced by Agatha, who is practicing her own form of pre-crime in her remote habitat with William Mapother’s would-be criminal. I have no idea what she has up her sleeve but I can’t wait to find out. She didn’t have to be a major part of this show, and I’m very pleased to see that she is.

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