Saturday, October 17, 2015

What I’m Watching: Jane the Virgin (Season Premiere)

Jane the Virgin: Season 2, Episode 1 “Chapter Twenty-Three” (B+)

I do love this show, and I’m glad to see that this premiere is completely solid since I wasn’t sure how the end of last season was going when it got all full telenovela. Fortunately, this hour showed that the narrator is still having a great time telling the story, and it’s plenty juicy with more than enough regular intrigue to fulfill itself. The speed with which Mateo was returned was a relief since Jane looked awfully distressed – understandably – at the news of his having been taken. The chain of events that got Michael to the church to meet not with Rose but with her henchwoman and his former partner Nadine was quite comedic, highlighted by Rafael and Michael diving into the pool after Juicy threw a fit and all of Rose’s things that Luisa was holding onto out the window, with Jane ultimately being the one to find it. Rogelio tweeting out the amber alert and getting unwanted attention at the Villanueva home was an amusing misstep, and I like that Jane just happened to start leaking milk at just the moment that she went out to get the nuns and paparazzi away from the house. Petra hallucinating a tiny Rafael on the jar of his sperm was entertaining, and Luisa conveying to her that Rafael still has feelings for her won’t help get back to a great place anytime soon. It’s hard to know if that was Rose at the end despite Bridget Regan being in the credits as a guest star, and I imagine that we’ll find out soon enough.

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