Thursday, October 15, 2015

Take Three: Quantico

Quantico: Season 1, Episode 3 “Cover” (B-)

This show isn’t lacking for any new twists, consistently delivering more than a few major bombshell revelations each hour. The news that Simon got kicked out of the FBI training program was a rollercoaster in itself, since it seemed like it might happen when the recruits were told they had to pick three names to suggest to be terminated and then after that didn’t occur and he helped Alex escape and look like he wasn’t helping her later, he answered a call from Deputy Director Clayton, portrayed by Mark Pellegrino from “Lost,” which reveals that he too is an agent and he’s working for someone even higher up than Agent O’Connor. It turns out that Alex’s dad and O’Connor had much more of a relationship than he made it seem, and even Alex’s mom knew he was when they saw each other. I still question why Booth had to confirm Alex’s guilt to make it seem like he was on her side since now she’s been all but convicted. The games that Director Shaw is playing in training are intense and risky, and they aid this show in being more of a soap opera than anything else with roommates at each other’s throats because they’ve seen all the bad things they’ve written about each other. Nimah leaving was a surprise, and while Raina will be able to handle being herself full-time, it’s a foreboding sign that is very likely to jeopardize whatever experiment Shaw is running and put her at risk of being found out.

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