Thursday, October 22, 2015

What I’m Watching: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Season 6, Episode 2 “JSS” (B-)

It’s episodes like this that make me question whether I should really be watching a show like this. Typically, this show is dark and unsettling, but rarely in the way that this episode was. I’ve experienced this feeling twice before with this show, the first time when Carol and Tyreese killed a young girl because she didn’t understand what being a walker meant, and the second when the cannibals showed up and just started executing people in a line for no discernable reason. Having Alexandria attacked by brutal enemies wielded deadly weapons while their most skilled fighters were out trying to get the walkers away from town was very disturbing, particularly because of how they lit people on fire and hacked away at them after striking the first blow. None of them were able to defend themselves, and children were also involved as targets and ultimately killers (I thought Carl was long gone but apparently not). This show is strong and intense enough without having to resort to this senseless depravity, and I would cite the entire plotline involving the Governor as a compelling example of this show not going too far but still working well. It’s always hard to read the inconsistent Carol, and Morgan vowing not to kill anyone wasn’t terribly helpful given how he saw how the savages were attacking. I recognized Benedict Samuel, star of “Asthma,” which opens tomorrow, as the man killed by Morgan, and also Emmy winner Merritt Wever from “Nurse Jackie” in a strong guest spot as Denise, who ended up holding up pretty well under severe pressure.

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