Friday, October 30, 2015

What I’m Watching: Minority Report

Minority Report: Season 1, Episode 6 “Fiddler’s Neck” (B)

It’s a treat to see the whole family back together again, even if I wish that them working together to outsmart an enemy who can’t see the future would have been just a little cooler. Arthur closing his eyes to get details and Dash counting steps to tell Vega when to fire her gun were helpful, but it didn’t quite have the choreography I might have hoped for. I like Arthur and Dash spending time together, bonding and exchanging ideas of why they do what they do. I loved the opportunity for Vega to spend some time with Agatha and prove to her that she could be trusted. It was very enlightening to learn about Agatha’s backstory and meet the man she left behind because she saw a brighter future for him, Brian, played by Kenneth Mitchell from “Jericho.” Back on the mainland, Akeela coming to Will with news of a hack focused around him got a very different answer than she expected, and sent her right to another supporting character known mostly for his intelligence and not for his social graces. Wally and Akeela had a great round of insulting each other by telling each other just how much they knew about the other, but things got more serious when they realized that the probe into Will was about more than just him, and that their work with Dash was threatening to expose the fact that a precog was back at work, helping the police to close more cases than in recent memory.

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