Monday, October 12, 2015

What I’m Watching: You’re the Worst

You’re the Worst: Season 2, Episode 5 “We Can Do Better Than This” (B+)

This episode started off on a bit of a random note, with Jimmy going on for a gig that would give him just as much money as it would humiliation and ending up with the opportunity to write a novelization for his favorite show, “NCIS: Los Angeles.” I don’t believe that FXX and CBS have any affiliation, so its incorporation was odd, but it’s good to see Jimmy excited about something, especially since that usually leads to full-on implosion by the sardonic writer. The revelation of the erotic tales he wrote at a shockingly young age was strange but ended up being fun, particularly after Gretchen came in and caught him and then he caught her reading them when he returned home later. Him reading them to her was sweet, and it’s just a shame that the episode ended with Jimmy waking up as Gretchen left for her nightly mystery errand. I assume we’ll have to find out where she goes and what that means soon. Edgar’s improv career is taking off nicely, and he’s even managed to meet a nice girl, Collette Wolfe’s Dorothy, who cast aside Echo Kellum’s smooth-talking professional to talk to him. Responding unenthusiastically to a drunk Lindsay on Edgar’s behalf as revenge was a cruel move, but hopefully it will ultimately be best for Edgar. Seeing a smart Lindsay spout off the monstrosity of knowledge she had amassed was quite a sight, and she fired off an astonishing number of facts, most of which were true, in the few minutes that she tried to be intellectual and talk about something other than men.

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