Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What I’m Watching: The Good Wife

The Good Wife: Season 7, Episode 3 “Cooked” (B)

This episode was a bit complicated, primarily because the fake case perpetrated by an FBI agent seemed like it was built up to be something major in an unnecessary way that went far beyond what could have secured an opportunity to entrap a corrupt judge. The case itself was much more interesting before it became just part of a ploy, and it did seem like Christopher McDonald’s obnoxious Judge Schakowsky might just take the bait. The twist that Eli tipped him off is intriguing, I suppose, but directs events in a tangential level that has to do once again with the intermixing of Alicia’s legal career and Peter’s political race, something I don’t love. Ruth forcing Alicia to go on a cooking show with Veronica was an ill-advised plan, and Eli didn’t actually do anything wrong since he tried to stop it rather than merely let the plan self-destruct as it did. The lack of enthusiasm demonstrated by Diane’s new intern and would-be mentor prompted in her a legitimate desire to feed Alicia cases, and it’s a shame that Howard got overheard by David Lee at just the wrong moment so that she revoked her generosity based on inaccurate information. Howard asking Jackie out was a treat, and it’s good to see him romancing someone who rarely experiences that kind of attention and also putting some true effort into his cases, shocking all those around him since he’s known for taking naps and taking credit for his associates’ hard work and long hours.

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