Friday, October 30, 2015

What I’m Watching: Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin: Season 2, Episode 3 “Chapter Twenty-Five” (B+)

Jane is not having an easy time separating from Mateo, and I’m glad that this episode, complete with a stroller falling down a large number of steps and nearly hitting her professor during class, has essentially catapulted Jane back on the journey of easing back into her old life while still finding more than enough time to spend with her newborn son. I enjoyed that the narrator made sure to tell Jane that she couldn’t do his job for him when she tried to speak every action for Mateo, and as usual this show provided some signature sweetness with Alba, Xiomara, and Jane all reading the same speech. Petra presenting three options to Rafael and Jane was bold and blunt, but it seems that they’ve found an agreeable way to move forward, one that is the best route given the circumstances and Jane’s hallucinations of Petra and her mother contributing loudly to their family occasions. Michael trying to be macho failed miserably but may have helped to win Jane over thanks to his diary. My favorite moments of the Rogelio-Xiomara-Luciana storyline were Rogelio reacting to Xiomara saying he’s not that great an actor and Alba sprinkling water at Xiomara to knock some sense into her and tell her not to give up on him. Luisa was smart to figure out who she thought had kidnapped her, but she didn’t quite get it right, suggesting that she’s in a much more interesting and complicated position as a bargaining chip who may or may not even be desired by the intended target.